Pereira’s of the South Seas

samoan_boyWelcome to the ‘House of Pereira’ web portal that aims to serve as a repository of information for future generations. Many hours of research has been gathered together referencing countless documents, books, websites and extended family genealogical records. I have tried my very best to bring you a comprehensive historical account and genealogy in the spirit of truth and I expect there will be discrepancies that, with your help, can be corrected.

Please note that I have spent so much time collating and trying to piece together certain events and genealogies that I am reluctant to replace information that cannot be verified. Of course, as we all know, our ancestors did not keep records and most of our facts are based on stories and reports that were handed down by word alone. This can cause a certain amount of confusion among our family members but should not act as a deterrent in voicing concerns that can be debated and discussed in a manner that garners respect for all concerned.

I truly envision our family history to become a blockbuster film of magnificent scale, since the historic events contain all the necessary qualities of a great cinematic experience. Have you seen the movie AMISTAD ? This happened in around 1839, the same year that Antonio arrived in Savaii. He and Pedro will have witnessed the Slave Ships that kidnapped, raped, killed and pillaged the Tokelauans and Samoans. Called ‘Blackbirding‘ it would have been horrible days back then. The long term psychological damage suffered by consequent generations is yet to be repaired by colonialists who swept in to govern over a population that had been around far longer than their own.

That said, I do hope you enjoy this portal and all the information that it contains. It has the potential to bring our families back together in a way that was previously impossible. Thanks to technology, we are now able to embrace every single member our families, extended and local, if you wish to do so.

God Bless you all and may the light of love shine on your face and the wind of prosperity be at your back.



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