John José Pedro

John José Pedro – Brother of Antonio Pereira Vitorino De Barros

Father – Vitorino José Pereira de Barros

Mother – Tomásia Dias de Seabra

Birth – Unknown

Death – Unknown

1st Marriage – 1st marriage to Anatoniga of Nukumonu.


  1. Manuele
  2. Toniga Solomona
  3. Suliana
  4. Lepeka
  5. Hiohe

2nd Marriage – 2nd marriage to Siniva Vaopuka. (Grand daughter of Vaopuka the King of Tokelau)


  1. Petelu
  2. Falani (Frank)
  3. Mele Pedro – Marriage to Iosefo Pereira

3rd Marriage – 3rd Marriage to Selepa Vaopuka daughter to Sakaio Vaopuka & Kesia of Fakaofo


  1. Kima Jack Pedro
  2. Fred
  3. Benjamin
  4. David
  5. Maamui Emily Esera
  6. Ana Iasona
  7. Margaret Pedro (Marriage to AlexanderJennings)
  8. Louisa
  9. Sania Pedro-Sua
  10. Iva
  11. Joachim
  12. Frank

Additional Information:

From Western Samoa he traveled to Fakaofo between 1860 -1865. Marrying the grand daughters of Vaopuka the king of Tokelau, he lived and died in Fakaofo.

Stories circulate that Toniga and John, intending to migrate back to Portugal, stop in Hawaii. His wife Toniga dies and her final wish is for her only son Manuele to return to Tokelau to experience the Tokelauan life before he is taken to Portugal. John returns to Tokelau to fulfill his beloved wife’s wish and they end up staying in Tokelau for good.


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