José Pereira

José Pereira (aka Peleila)

Father: Antonio Pereira Vitorino de Barros

Mother: Tupou Palolo

Birth – 1839

Death – 1916

Marriage – 1st marriage in Atafu, Tokelau to Tolatea Tamala. Daughter of Laupepa (King of Samoa)


  1. Lafaele
  2. Sefo
  3. Malia Ioane
  4. Malia
  5. Kai – Adopted to receive surname for convent entry

Additional Information:

Malietoa Laupepa, the Samoan King of the three contractual powers was born in 1841 in Sapapali’i, Savai’i, Samoa and died 1898
His father was Malietoa Mōli
Laupepa cemented ties with Palauli (the only significant Sā Mōlī support base on Savai‘i)
Laupepa had other marriages


 Letter of José to Maria Ioane 1899 (Loosely Translated)

“I start this writing of love to you all that you are my family, my loving children of my love, that you will be loving toward each other till the days of my death should anything happen to me.

The pleasing of the almighty, his loving will to us.

Be pleasing to all my children, look after each other.

To Lafaele, don’t fight about the land, you must work together, when my life is over, so each one of you take care of each others land.

Lafaele, fita, kalesi, manuaele, atone, meti etc,

Lafaele is the boss of the land Savalalo is given to

All the land belongs to you all.

The land in Savalalo belongs to you all [names] but Lafaele is still the boss.

Have a piece of land and look after each other every day.

Look after it and develop it and be a family.

Especially, look after the girls.

God bless you

God love you all

José Pereira

* Unknown Connection with Tokelaun Woman


  1. Kalesi

* Unknown Connection with Tongan Woman


  1.  Sefa

Marriage – 2nd Marriage to Spouse Maria Moiki daughter of Lea, the local L.M.S. leader & Associate of Benjamin Hughes


  1. Manuele (Tokelau)
  2. Fita (Tokelau)
  3. Tupou (Tokelau)
  4. Atone (Savalalo)
  5. Anna (Savalalo)
  6. Meti (Savalalo)
  7. Senia (Savalalo)
  8. Siose (Savalalo)
  9. Eneliko

Additional Information:


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