Luisa Teligoligo Nauer (Pereira)

Luisa Teligoligo Nauer (Pereira)

Father – Lafaele Pereira

Mother – Tolatea Tamala

Birth – 27th March 1910

Death – Unknown

Marriage – Adolf Nauer


  1. Teivi (David)
  2. Pino (Lupino)
  3. Nome (Norman)
  4. Pita (Peter)
  5. Vaeleti (Margret)
  6. Puluno (Bruno)
  7. Leni (Leonard)
  8. Mine (Elizabeth)
  9. Lopati (Robert)
  10. Iosefo (Joseph)

Additional Information:

Adolf Nauer left Germany (Wurttemburg) at around the late 1800’s for Western Samoa. He married Luisa Pereira. They moved to New Zealand and resided at Hakanoa Street in Grey Lynn, Auckland.


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